Our Commercial, PR, Marketing and Online Learning Clients...

Institute for Evidence-Based Change, Encinitas, CA
Live event website Video


The Institute for Evidence-Based Change created a sophisticated, on-line, computerized system that collects data about student success and transition from every segment of education, K-16. Informed by data, powered by inspiration and developed through collaboration, IEBC's software identifies problems, develops local solutions, and brings them to scale across regions and throughout education systems to achieve "Success at Every Level."

I filmed IEBC's live launch event, then edited three different length versions for their new website. Click on the picture above to view the nine-minute, edited version of the panel discussion. To learn more about the Institute for Evidence-Based Change, visit their website... www.iebcnow.org

Watch the 9 minute version of their live event...
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Living Chaos Free, San Diego, CA
"About Us" Website Video

2010 International Telly Award
“Website PR”
This new "What We Do" website video is our third project for Len Merson in the past few years. Are you Living Chaos Free? Find out by clicking on the picture above.
Learn more about Living Chaos Free and watch there new "About Us" video
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RMV Technology Group, LLC, Moffett Field, CA
Safe Electro Static Discharge (ESD) Grounding Proceedures


RMV Technology Group, LLC is an international leader in testing and evaluating Electro Static Discharge (ESD), for several markets, including aerospace, high technology and manufacturing.

We filmed Bob Vermillion, RMV's Founder and Chief Technology Officer, in their San Jose, CA lab, located at the NASA Ames Research Center (ARC). Mr. Vermillion clearly and effectively demonstrated how to properly ground both a workstation and yourself when handling Class 0 electronic devices, and several ways you can be aware of, and to ensure, you do not induce static electricity into electronic components, such as circuit boards, which could destroy their components.

Watch a clip from RMV Technology Group's new video
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SMART Tool, Encinitas, CA
Introduction and Use Video

SMART Tool is a sophisticated, on-line, computerized system that collects data about student success and transition from every segment of education, K-16. Informed by data, powered by inspiration and developed through collaboration, SMART Tool identifies problems, develops local solutions, and brings them to scale across regions and throughout education systems to achieve Success at Every Level.

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Logos Ministries, San Diego, CA
Dozens of "Bible Blasts" Videos with Dr. Bill Creasy

Who is this very, very old guy! He's my client; Dr. Bill Creasy behind the mask, filming a new "Bible Blast" video for his new website. That's him on the right, without the mask! Good looking guy either way, don't you think?

We are creating hundreds of new "Bible Blast" videos for Logos Ministries. In July we filmed, edited and delivered Bill's first 15 "Bible Blast" videos. This December we just completed and delivered 14 new "Bible Blasts", plus all new "What We Do" and "About Dr. Bill Creasy" videos.

Who is Dr. Creasy? For many years Dr. Creasy taught a year long, 12-unit undergraduate course: "The English Bible as Literature". It became one of the most popular and highly rated courses at UCLA, placing Dr. Creasy among the top two percent of UCLA's teaching faculty. Dr. Norman L. Geisler and Ralph E. MacKenzie, in their book: "Roman Catholics and Evangelicals" (Baker Academic Press, 1995), call Dr. Creasy a "Bible teacher extraordinaire".

2010 International Telly Award

Logos Ministries chose Films You Feel / Magic Music Productions LLC to create their series of "Bible Blast" videos. They feature Dr. Creasy presenting Bible stories in his own unique, interesting and VERY entertaining way. The "Bible Blast" videos are featured weekly on Logos Ministries new website: logosbiblestudy.org.

Want to find out who are "The Top Ten Bad Girls in the Bible"? ... Or maybe the story behind the story of David and Goliath?

Just click on any of the pictures above!

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L1 Technologies, San Diego, CA
Audio Recording Project

PROJECT START: January 2011

Two years ago,
L1 Technologies came into our studio to record 450+ phrases for their new GPS product, and came back this year to have us record and edit 6,000+ more!

Voice-over artist Jody Hammond
recording 6,000+ GPS phrases and
words in our studio.

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MIGHT Club, Encinitas, CA
Several Website Videos

PROJECT START: December, 2010 and on into 2011

MIGHT Club's Patrick Combs getting ready
to film, with co-founder, MIke Budny

MIGHT Club is a powerful results system, used by many full-on dream-doers, that both supports and enables you to Play Bigger and Get Bigger Things Done!

Visit the MIGHT Club website here...
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WC Studios, San Diego, New York City and Los Angeles
"About Us" Website Video

PROJECT START: October, 2010

Located in San Diego, New York City and Los Angeles, Walker Clark's WC Studios provides acting classes, workshops, and private coaching for actors of all ages and levels and is dedicated to developing not only talented actors, but also emotionally available, intelligent and passionate artists.

Many WC Studios students are enjoying successfull roles and careers in theatre, film and television. Click on the picture above and watch this video to learn how Walker teaches acting "authentically."

To learn more about Walker's classes and coaching, visit WC Studios website.

Watch WC Studio's video...
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North County School of the Arts (NCSA), San Diego
"Oklahoma!" Performance Video
"Annie Get Your Gun!" Performance Video
"Annie" Performance Video
Mini Documentary Live Event Video
"About Us" Website Video

PROJECT START: 2010 and on into 2011... 2012... 2013...

North County School of the Arts provides a wide variety of quality musical instruction for children. From staging full-production musicals twice a year... private and class voice lessons... to classes to learn how to act for the camera.

Watch the clips and see for yourself!

Watch preview clips from Annie and order a DVD here...

My first video project for NCSA was filming (with multiple cameras), their Summer 2010 production of Annie, and editing it like it was a film or TV show, rather than a stage show.

It's a great show!

Spring, 2011
I filmed and edited NCSA's production of Annie Get Your Gun!.

Watch preview clips from Annie Get Your Gun! and order the DVD here...

I just completed and delivered for NCSA a mini-documentary (four minutes), about a float they entered in a holiday parade and won "Best Overall." Lots of lights... music... kids singing and dancing... it's lots of fun! Watch it here...

Watch this mini-documentary about NCSA's winning parade float!

Spring and Summer 2011 I'm producing, co-writing, filming and editing NCSA's new "About Us" website video, and will have it ready for their website in September...

Visit NCSA's website to learn more about what they do and their musical programs for children, click here...

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Self Help Works, San Diego, CA
"Living Lean" and "Living Free" Website Videos

These new "Living Lean" and "Living Free" website videos are our second project for Self Help Works in the past few years. Find out if your are "Living Lean" by clicking on the picture above.

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Ovation Ear Prompter, Leucadia, CA
Product Instructional Use & Training Video

Three Media Communications International Training Awards
2004 “Editing”
2004 “Sales & Marketing”
2004 “Training”
It took Magic Music Productions only two days to film my 34-minute training video. The result is an award-winning industry standard in Earprompter Training. Louie Stevens' writing, directing, and production skills made it all possible.
— Brian Collins, President, Ovation Earprompter Training
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Wealth Masters International, Sugar Land, TX
"Shopping and Cooking with Deanna for Optimum Health"
Healthy Eating & Shopping Corporate Video
2007 International Telly Award

Honorable Mention
2007 Columbus International Film & Video Festival

2007 Telly “Health & Wellness”
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Rancho Santa Fe Security Systems, Encinitas, CA
"About Us" Website Video
Rancho Santa Fe Security Systems is one of San Diego's largest and oldest security and protection companies, protecting San Diego County residential and business properties since 1978.

We are now creating their first video — an "About Us" video for their website.

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Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, Vista, CA
“It Was Always the Music”
Putting their Movie Music on CDs
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Karl Anthony, Songwriter, San Diego, CA
"Dear Mr. President"
Music Video
Singer-Songwriter Karl Anthony writes anthems for life. From leading the very first Russian/American Youth Summit in Moscow, to performing in homeless shelters in Asia, Karl has toured the globe uniting our humanity with his presence and his music.

Karl received the 2007 Gandi/King Season for Nonviolence Peace Hero Award for his humanitarian efforts and uniting music.

Karl's producer asked Louie Stevens to work some video "magic" — to create a new music video for his new song: "Dear Mr. President" from previously shot footage. "Dear Mr. President" tells the story of a little girl who writes a letter to President Obama asking him to "Please do your best". Her letter inspires other children to write as well, and inspires Karl to write this song.

Watch the "Dear Mr. President" Music Video
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L1 Technologies, San Diego, CA
GPS Audio Recording Project

L1 Technologies came into our studio to record 450+ instructional phrases for their new GPS product.

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October, 2009: One Productions, a Carlsbad based video production company, called on us to film their client Lisa Nichols of "The Secret" fame conducting a one-day workshop with teens for an upcoming TV program.

In September, 2009, One Productions had us record live to Protools a three-day conference conducted by Lisa Nichols.

August, 2008: We filmed a four-day ADD study conducted for One Producitons client Great Life Technologies, LLC of Carlsbad, CA. When the filming was completed, I then worked with One Productions staff video editor as project supervisor. The completed three-minute video aired during an interview with their client appearing on a Chicago TV program.

July,2008: Richard Crawford, writer and director of One Productions, came into our edit suite to work together to edit a new marketing video for their client TIRaBase. TIRaBase creates virtual reality 3D software for designers of high-end buildings to see their completed building before it leaves the drafting table.

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Self Help Works, San Diego, CA
Three Web-Based Self-Help Videos
2008 Silver Communicator Award

2008 Communicator Award “Health & Wellness”

In 2000, I recorded audio of 24 finished hours of Lou Ryan's three self-help programs: Living Lean (Weight Management), Living Free (Stop Smoking) and Living Smart (Stop Drinking). All three programs are very successful for Self Help Works as internet training programs.

In mid 2007 Lou asked me to film him presenting the first third of each of these three programs to replace the voice only parts of his internet training programs — about 7 & 1/2 hours of finished video.

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Chaos Over, San Diego, CA
Eight Web-Based Training Videos
2008 Silver Communicator Award

2008 Communicator Award “How-To, Instructional”
“Louie's creative editing expertly condensed my hour-long presentation down to the perfect marketing video length. I’ve shown it to several other professional speakers who were so impressed after watching it, they asked Louie to create one for them, too!” Len Merson, Founder, Living Chaos Free

In 2006 I created Len Merson's (the founder of Chaos Over), new marketing video. Len came to me in 2007 to have me film his entire 2 1/2 hour training on workplace and office efficiency. I filmed Len in front of a green screen and then created his entire training by scanning art from his book and using graphics, animations, music, clip-art and sound-effects found entirely in my stock library.

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Kerri Parks, M.D., Los Angeles, CA
"Mommy Meditations" CDs

Dr. Kerri Parks, OB/GYN, and her writer / producer; Devin Bailey, traveled from Los Angeles to Magic Music Productions in Encinitas to record the first in a series of "Mommy Meditations" audio CDs.

These CDs are designed to help new mothers who are experiencing post-partum depression after the birth of their baby, to learn about — as well as experience, the benifits of meditation.

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MatchMatrix, Encinitas, CA
Four Website "About Us" Videos

MatchMatrix founder Frank Seifert created an internet relationshp compatibility progam that tells you if you and your relationship partner are, in fact, a good match. Frank asked me to create four short videos to place on his MatchMatrix website, to introduce and explain this process to people visiting the site.

I filmed Fank in front of a green screen background, then added frame grabs from his website behind him to support his message as he spoke. I used motion control with these images to add movement.

Watch these MatchMatrix "About Us" website videos
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Haemonetics, Braintree, MA
“eQue Donor Introduction”
Blood Donor Waiting Room Introduction Video
Haemonics was introducing a new blood donor center patient information input touch-screen computor systmem when they realized patients in waiting rooms would benefit by viewing an introduction video about the process.
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Lifepath Unlimited, Scottsdale, AZ
“The Discovery Series” with Patrick Combs
Eight Inspirational Audio CDs
Lifepath Unlimited brought inspirational speaker Patrick Combs into our studio to record voice-over to add to eight hours of audio from their DVD's and from this to create eight hours of CDs.
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The Focusing Institute, Malibu, CA
“Metaphores Are Fun”
Educational Product Training Video
International CINDY Award
1996 CINDY
“Public Relations”
“This exceptional video won an award and brought me new business. I am now planning on having Films You Feel / Magic Music Productions produce another video for a new program.”
— Pat Oleksy, Educator & Founder, The Focusing Institute
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Brinks Services, San Diego, CA
“Plumbing Expo for the Insurance Industry”
PR & Marketing Video
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Response Management Company, Encinitas, CA
Subconscious Golf
Training & Self-help Audio CD
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Blumberg Law Group LLP, Solana Beach, CA
Courtroom Legal Video
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